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The MONster is the most important in my series of signature sticks made by Stevie Moises. This is made to my exact specifications and is what I personally use at least 90% of the time when I’m playing.

It’s the first hybrid serial stick series with handles that have an oval cross section! This makes it very comfortable to hold, and helps to keep the hand muscles relaxed.

All handles in the MONster series are made from plum tree, which is a wonderful red/brown European hardwood, and available from sustainable sources.

The MONster has 14 bamboo dowels individually sanded to avoid damage to the skin – diameter 3 mm each, with a very long curved (rounded) tip. This shape is what gives the tipper its typical MON sound!


  • Weight – approx 29g
  • Length – 25 cm / 9,84 inches
  • Moving Mass – 8-11g (depending on the holding point)