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The series is complemented with the Jazz MONster, based on Stevie Moises’ JazzMo tipper and featuring the new MONster handle, the Jazz MONster features 30 walnut dowels giving it a different flavour to the original MONster. This is a versatile tipper that can produce very different sounds depending on the position of the rubber ring. The sound ranges from “jazzy” (open) to “smooth” (half open) and is great for accompanying songs.

It’s the first hybrid serial stick series with handles that have an oval cross section! This makes it very comfortable to hold, and helps to keep the hand muscles relaxed.

All handles in the MONster series are made from plum tree, which is a wonderful red/brown European hardwood, and available from sustainable sources.


  • Weight – approx 29g
  • Length – 25 cm / 9,84 inches
  • Moving Mass – 8-10g 

** Important Information **

Customers please take special care with the handling of the dowels, because they are a wee bit sensitive.

Close the tipper with the o-ring while carrying in a tipper case
Avoid using to make rimshots
Make sure that the stick can not get caught in loose clothes or necklace etc.
We test each single dowel with an extreme bending before we use it for the stick and so we are not responsible for eventually broken dowels. That’s up to the player!