Martin O’Neill : In Session (CD)


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In Session is a collection of 10 tracks I’ve recorded with 10 different artists over the past 10 years. After a decade in the ‘industry’ I wanted to release something which was a snapshot of the musical path I’ve taken. Having recorded on more than 50 albums as a session musician I decided to showcase a few of my favourite tracks. I hope you enjoy.

Track Listing

01 – Reunion Matheu Watson

02 – Thig Am Bata Julie Fowlis

03 – When Starlings Capture The Sky Neil Yates

04 – The Trains (Live from NYC) Angus Lyon & Ruaridh Campbell

05 – Nelson and Donella Dòchas

06 – Sea Aidan O’Rourke

07 – Snappy Guzzlin’ Claire Mann & Aaron Jones

08 – Outlands Fred Morrison

09 – One Minute Dorothee Munyaneza

10 – Dinna Get A Boose On Brolum

“Martin’s hallmark: his deft brushstrokes embellish the music.”

“Martin’s touches are delicate and precise.”

“Matching the voice beat for beat, and here he does provide that driving pulse, as well as displaying his world-class technique.”

“Martin O’Neill’s very accomplished playing: In Session has to be worth a listen.”

  • Alex Monaghan, Folkworld, Issue March 2013